What is Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub?

The Gippsland Climate Change Network (GCCN) was appointed Hub host for the LVCPH. They bring together local government, community groups, and individuals with a shared interest in sustainable living.

The Hub aims to overcome challenges faced in creating and delivering community-based renewable energy projects through increasing awareness and availability of renewable energy options. This includes the development of skills and expertise needed within the community to manage these projects for long-term benefit.

This program is partnered with Sustainability Victoria (SV), as well as the local government regions of the Baw Baw Shire, the Latrobe City Council, and the Wellington Shire, across which the Hub will operate.

Why Locate a Community Power Hub Here?

The way we generate energy is changing.

While there is huge potential for community renewables in Australia, there is also a range of barriers that make it challenging for these projects to be achieved.

The Latrobe Valley has a long history of energy generation. The Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub (LVCPH) is a way for the surrounding communities to take control of their energy needs with solutions that uniquely benefit them, now and into the future.

This means power that is generated locally, used locally and savings that are kept locally, with projects that are characterised by local ownership, participation and benefit sharing.


The LVCPH is working with communities and local organisations to identify and test the feasibility of community renewable energy projects.


  • Gippy Bulk Buy – solar panels, solar hot water units, and smart battery storage
  • Gippy Bulk Buy – community solar donation
  • Ramahyuck Solar Farm
  • Neerim South Bush Hospital – renewables and energy upgrades
  • Yinnar ARC – renewables and energy upgrades
  • Yinnar Solar Footpath
  • Traralgon Neighbourhood Learning House – renewables and energy upgrades
  • Rotary Centenary House – solar installations
  • Licola Wilderness Village – an energy reduction action plan
  • Latrobe Valley LVCPH Youth Program
  • Yarram Swimming Pool – investigating options for efficiency

Further details on selected projects from each of the Hubs can be found here.

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Latrobe Valley Community Power Hub (LVCPH) Program Outcomes

  • Improve local access to community energy
  • Showcase local leadership in renewable energy innovation
  • Provide greater energy security for the Latrobe City Council, Baw Baw Shire and Wellington Shire
  • Increase local knowledge, skills and willingness to participate in community energy projects
  • Contribute to meeting Victoria’s renewable energy targets
  • Support other communities in implementing their renewable energy projects

How the LVCPH Operates

The LVCPH is a project of the GCCN and works under the following governance structure:

  • A Project Control Group to ensure that the funds provided by SV are used appropriately
  • A number of Working Groups to facilitate and progress each of the community energy projects identified through community consultation

More information

For general enquiries about the LVCPH:
Contact us at latrobevalleycommunitypowerhub@gmail.com

For  more specific project information:
Contact Chris Barfoot, the Project Officer at cbarfoot@netspace.net.au

For more information about the GCCN:
Email Ian Southall, the Executive Officer at ian@ecohubgippsland.com.au

There are many ways in which you can be involved. Contact us today for further information.

Are you interested in solar panels on your roof? Have you got an idea for a local community energy project? Do you want to volunteer your time and passion to support a project the LVCPH is implementing?